Brand new services now available at TaipeiEYE

☆Unique Peking opera facial makeup experience☆

You can have simple Peking opera facial makeup elements painted on your hand or face by professional teachers. The beautiful and vivid colors will stay imprinted in your unique travel memories.

☆Brand new theatrical costume trial experience☆

Classic bride and groom outfits complete with the headdresses as used in operas are available for both adults and children to travel back in time, dress up and take a portrait photo with classic flavor.


☆Photo sessions with the Dancing Lion☆

The auspicious dancing lion, a must have in every celebration is now permanently stationed at TaipeiEYE!  Come and take a photo by yourself, as a group or be creative, have fun with the dancing lion by your side!

☆Exclusive travel memories☆

Want to share this happy trip with friends and family?

A postcard filled with impressive and special memories of your travels in Taiwan to share with your dear family and friends!

A postcard sent from afar will certainly carry with it the most sincere best wishes to friends and relatives.