Cement Hall at Taiwan Cement Building

The stage is 1200 cm wide by 750 cm deep with additional space on the stage left side which can be used as work space or storage area. Fake stage proscenium portal can be rotated towards stage direction to form a flat surface with the auditorium wall.


The maximum seating capacity is 314, 9 rows of retractable seats with a total of 234 seats and 4 rows of portable seats which include two fixed assembly type, two seats (4 sets, 8 seats) and three seats (24 sets, 72 seats) with a total of 80 seats. These seats can be easily moved to their storage place, the retractable seats the rear area of the auditorium, the portable seats the basement.


There are 19 rigging battens on stage which include house curtain (muslin white,) 5 sets of borders (black velveteen,) 3 sets of black curtain on the traveler tracks, 3 sets of lighting battens, 5 sets of additional pipes, screen, black back curtain and cyclorama. Other than the 2nd and 3rd traveler, back curtain and the 6th additional pipe, all pipes are electrical winched rigging system which can be operated either up-down or open-close. Above seating area, there are also electrical winched rigging system, 12 sets of lighting grid, 4 lighting bridges and 2 additional pipes.

Lighting & Sound System

The theater, with ETC OBESSION II lighting controller, can operate both traditional theatrical lighting and moving light fixtures. For the lighting equipment, there are 142 circuits’ dimmers, 2 follow spots, several types of spotlights, 4-cells cyc lights, 8-cells ground row units and border lights etc. The Sound system includes house-mixing console, several types of play-recorders, effects processors, equalizers, wired and wireless microphones, stage monitoring system and intercoms. With a secondary sound rack which contains a mixing desk, tape play-recorder and CD player, the operator can easily operate the sound from the stage left.

Other Facility

Load-in dock located on the B3 with the limited height of 2 meters. The load-in elevator to the stage level is 185 cm wide by 215 cm deep by 265 cm height.
Dressing room located on the 4th floor. There are 2 rooms for groups, one principal dressing room and a green room.