Fare Adjustment Notice

Since the opening of TaipeiEYE in 2002, we've endeavored to bring authentic and traditional Chinese performing arts to domestic and international visitors. Thank you for the encouragement and continuous support through the years.

The coronavirus pandemic has not only altered the consumption patterns of global tourism but also influenced the regular operation of TaipeiEYE. Consequently, in order to maintain the authenticity and high quality of our performance, we are compelled to adjust our ticket policy, which we have kept unchanged for previous 18 years. Effective 16th November 2020, the new ticket price will be as follows:

     MON, WED, FRI (Length: 60min) Price NT$ 800.

SATURDAY (Length: 90min) Price NT$1,200.

Our reservation systems will reflect the new price accordingly.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this change may have caused you.  Please contact us for any additional information or assistance you may need.

While our new opening will depend on the development of the global epidemic and the policies of Taiwan Tourism Bureau in 2021, it's our wish that the epidemic will end as soon as possible so that we could, once again, entertain you with our exciting performance.